Our Reusable Fluid Resistant Gown that is Both Cost-effective and Sustainable!

The washable medical gown conforms to EN13795 as it has been rigorously tested in relation to barrier resistance, strength, cleanliness and linting. It provides a high coverage with its full sleeves and adjustable neck and waist

Launching the New Unisex Mawson Scrubs

We are excited to announce that we are launching and manufacturing another style of scrubs, the Mawson Scrub Suit, right here in the UK. This is in response to the high demand for scrubs during the Covid-19 pandemic along with the shortage of new scrubs coming in from abroad and the low levels of available scrubs stock in the country. The new Mawson Scrubs areContinue reading “Launching the New Unisex Mawson Scrubs”

Launching Our New Sandringham Unisex Scrubs

First of all, I just wanted to say how much we, at Dencowear and Uniforms4Healthcare, really appreciate you and your hard work, at the current time. Many of you are on the front line of this crisis, and whether you are a carer, a nurse, a doctor or any other healthcare professional, I hope you know how much the whole country is behind you.

Four Reasons to Choose Dencowear

Did you know the name Den-Co-Wear originated from the garment ‘Dental Coat’?It was a Cossack style Dental Jacket that Louis Shinwell (our current owners Grandfather) brought back from America in 1966, seeing a demand in the UK for this style. This led to the founding of Dencowear where we would sell Cossack style Dental coats, and a handful of different clinical styles, to Dentists listed in the Dental Registry Book.

Our Favourite Garments in Our Lightweight Polycotton Tunic Range

Everyone should feel comfortable at work, especially on those warm busy shifts in the healthcare industry. Therefore, the polycotton tunic range will make a perfect addition to your summer workwear wardrobe. Polycotton is a fabric made from a blend of a polyester and cotton, making it a very thin and lightweight fabric.