Our Top Tips and Products for Reopening Your Hairdressers and Barbers

It has now been confirmed that the 4th of July will mark the reopening of Hairdressers and Barber shops in England following the abolishment of the 2-metre social distancing rule. The announcement is likely to bring a lot of joy to those within the industry who are desperate to get back to work and to those of us who are desperate to get their hair disasters fixed, but how will salons look post-COVID and how can both clients and staff keep safe?

Here at Dencowear, we have outlined 10 important considerations for reopening your salon;

  1. No Walk-ins

In barbers shops, especially, walk-ins are a common occurrence. However, with demand likely to be incredibly high, it is sensible to take only appointments and to refuse walk-ins. Through doing this, the number of people in the salon at any given time can be reduced as can the level of people coming into contact with each other.

2. No Waiting Area

Another way to reduce the number of people in your salon at a given point in time and reduce the amount of people coming into contact with each other is to close the waiting area. Instead of customers waiting within the salon for their appointment why not send them a message to come in when you are ready for them. This means there is no waiting around and cross over between clients that could happen if appointments were to overrun.

3. Virtual Consultations

Zoom is something we have all been using a lot more for meetings and virtual events but why not use it when you reopen? By holding a video consultation to discuss what the client is thinking beforehand means that the only time they’ll have to come in is for the appointment itself. And, it means you can reduce the total number of people who are in the salon at one time.

4. No Coffee, Tea, or Magazines

This is something that should also be avoided for obvious reasons. One magazine can easily transmit the virus after being touched by hundreds of customers. Of course, this may change the feel of your salon but why not use music instead to create calm and relaxing vibes.

5. Make Use of Perspex Screens

You may have seen perspex screens appear in supermarkets and non-essential shops as they begin to re-open and the reason is they can be an effective way of protecting employees and customers against the spread of droplets from coughs and sneezes. So why not use them in your salon? Protective screens could be placed at the reception area, between basins and between stations. Our protective screens are quickly and easily installed using either a rigid back bar or clips for suspended ceiling grids. They are also incredibly easy to clean using just soap and water to wipe them down.

6. Make Face Coverings Mandatory for Clients and Staff

Both the UK government and WHO have advised that face masks should be worn in enclosed spaces where social distancing cannot always be adhered to. As you will be extremely close to your client when cutting their hair both you and your client should wear a face mask. At Salonwear we offer a range of face masks as well as protective visors. You can browse the range by visiting https://www.salonweardirect.co.uk/collections/ppe.

7. Adjust Your Opening Times

Opening times may be adjusted for several reasons. Firstly, to cater to more vulnerable clients. It may be an option to have one or two mornings a week where those most vulnerable are served away from other clients. Moreover, depending on your salon, it may be worth closing for an hour in the middle of the day so that high hygiene standards can be met.

8. Create Hand Sanitation Zones

The Irish Hairdressing Federation have already outlined their guide to opening and something they emphasis is ensuring good hygiene practices are implemented and maintained. A way of doing, this suggested by them, is creating areas for hand sanitisation. We supply an automatic hand sanitation station perfect for this as staff and customers can cleanse their hands without having to touch a thing. We also supply large 5 L bottles of hand sanitiser ideal for filling it up. Another thing you could do is supply staff with individual hand sanitisers for them to keep in their kit bags or at their stations. For this, we have portable options of either 300 ml bottles or 100 ml bottles both of which have alcohol contents of 70% or higher which means they are effective in killing microbes.

9. Clean, Clean and Clean Some More

This one is obvious but also really important. By cleaning in between clients and doing a deep clean of the salon once it is closed you can reduce the likelihood of coronavirus transmission. A quick and easy way to do this throughout the day is by using disinfectant wipes. We supply a tub of 500 disinfectant wipes which are perfect for commercial use. They have an alcohol content of 70%, use the latest biocidal technology and are scientifically proven to kill the novel coronavirus.

10. Ensure You Are Effectively Using PPE

Whether you are choosing to use disposable or reusable PPE, you need to use it correctly for it to be effective. An idea might, therefore, be to show and train staff on how to best use PPE for it to be as effective as possible, as face masks and disposable gloves are often misused. When using disposable PPE, use it only once and then immediately dispose of after use. With reusable PPE you should use it only once and then launder it at the highest suitable temperature ready to use again. You can read more on How to Effectively Wear a Face Mask and prepare yourself to train your staff.

Good luck from all of us at Dencowear!

To browse the PPE range visit https://www.salonweardirect.co.uk/collections/ppe or for more information email us at info@dencowear.co.uk

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