How to Effectively Wear a Face Mask or Covering

The government and the World Health Organisation (WHO) have now advised that face coverings should be worn in situations where social distancing can not always be adhered to. It is really important that you wear your face mask or face covering correctly otherwise it won’t be effective.

Here at Dencowear, we have created an easy step by step guide to apply and remove your mask or covering safely. If you are unsure of what face mask or covering you should be wearing and, where you should be wearing it, please visit our previous blog.

Firstly, you should ensure your hands are clean. This can be done either through thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water for approximately 20 seconds or using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser that has a 60% alcohol content or higher. Then, inspect the face mask you intend to wear, ensuring it is not damaged or dirty.

When you are happy your mask is clean and free from damage, place your mask on your face using the loops, ensuring that there are no gaps between your face and the mask. If you are applying a medical mask there may be a metal strip along the top. If there is, pinch it, so that moulds to the shape of your nose.

When you are wearing the mask it is important not to touch it. If you do then immediately clean your hands. When removing the mask, similarly to the application, clean your hands first and then remove using the loops behind the ears. If using a medical mask or a covering that is not reusable, you need to immediately dispose of it. If it is a reusable face covering, wash it at 60 degrees before placing it in a resealable plastic bag ready for future use. By storing your mask in a bag, it prevents it from becoming damaged and/or dirty. And remember, you should not share your mask with anybody, even those who live or work with you or who are in your ‘bubble’.

Here at Dencowear, we offer a range of different face masks and face coverings, both for general and medical use. We have been selling healthcare uniforms and PPE for over 50 years and are an official supplier to the NHS and many businesses including dentists, salons, care homes and more. We sell to all members of the public and have an appropriate mask for each individual or business. If you need any advice on PPE and face masks, please email or read our help guide blog:

Blog by Becky Jackson for Uniforms4Healthcare (Part of Dencowear Ltd.)

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