Everything You Need To Know About Hand Sanitisers!

As we begin to see more businesses reopen and lock-down rules eased, it is important to understand how to keep yourself and your employees safe through the use of PPE and the implementation of good hygiene practices.

Throughout the pandemic, the effectiveness of hand sanitiser in preventing the transmission of harmful germs has been debated, but both the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have stated that although washing hands with soap and water are the best method of protection, alcohol-based hand sanitisers are an alternative and effective way to kill harmful germs.

It is important, however, to make sure you are using the right type of hand sanitiser. The alcohol content should be at least 60%, as only then will it be effective in killing microbes including bacteria and viruses. Equally, it’s important not to use a hand rub that has an alcohol content of 100% as this will not only lead to dry skin, but it won’t be as effective, as hand sanitisers work best when the alcohol is mixed with water.

To prevent the transmission of harmful bacteria within the workplace it is, therefore, a good idea to make hand sanitiser available to staff and customers. This could be done through the use of dispensers situated in key areas, by providing small bottles to the staff so they always have a way of cleaning their hands, or creating hand sanitation zones near the entrance where visitors can clean their hands before continuing into the premises.

Here at Dencowear, we offer a range of hand sanitisers all with an alcohol content of 65% or more to ensure the very best protection.

Alcogel Hand Sanitizing Gel 

Aura-Pro 70% Alcogel Alcohol Gel 5lt (x1) - Dementiasigns.co.uk

This hand sanitising gel comes in a 5 litre bottle and has an alcohol content of 70%. It is perfect for businesses that require a large amount of hand sanitiser and is ideal for filling up our automatic sanitising station.

HR 1 Hand Sanitiser

HR 1 Hand Sanitiser 300ml (Pack of 6) - Salonwear

This product comes in a pack of six 300 ML bottles with an alcohol content of 80%. A perfect size to give to each employee or, to place behind tills and at work stations. Having a hand sanitiser per employee should be considered as this will avoid too many people touching one bottle.

Scented Hand Sanitiser

Low-cost PPE UK | Disposable Face Masks & Gloves | Washable Gowns ...

Our scented hand sanitiser comes in a 4 pack of 100ml with an alcohol content of 70%. This portable size is ideal for carrying around with you as you work.

Fusion Hand sanitising gel

Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel 500ml

The Fusion hand sanitising gel comes in a pack of two 500ml bottles each with a dispenser pump. They can be reused making them a great eco-friendly option and their large size along with the dispenser pump makes them perfect for customers to use upon entering hairdressers, beauty salons, or other small shops.

Automatic Hand Sanitising Station 

In addition to a range of hand sanitisers, we also offer a free-standing automatic hand sanitiser dispenser. This is perfect for supplying customers with hand sanitiser on your premises as they don’t need to touch anything. It holds one litre of sanitiser at a time and so our five-litre Alogel is perfect for filling it up.

Disinfectant wipes 

We also offer disinfectant wipes in a tub of 500. These contain 70% alcohol, are PH neutral, food-safe and, use the latest biocidal technology. As they are 99.9% effective in killing germs, they are perfect for regularly wiping down key areas such as visitor desks or tills.

To browse the full range of PPE we offer simply visit: https://www.uniforms4healthcare.com/ppe or for more information email us at info@dencowear.co.uk.

Blog by Becky Jackson for Uniforms4Healthcare (Part of Dencowear Ltd.)

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