Our Reusable Fluid Resistant Gown that is Both Cost-effective and Sustainable!

Here at Dencowear, we are passionate about providing high-quality PPE so you can be protected whilst completing invaluable work. Our reusable fluid resistant gowns are a cost-effective way to protect yourself against potentially harmful substances that you may come into contact with. 

The washable medical gown conforms to EN13795 as it has been rigorously tested in relation to barrier resistance, strength, cleanliness and linting. It provides a high coverage with its full sleeves and adjustable neck and waist, which use ties for a better fit and is made of non-sterile and latex free  100% polyester for extra breathable qualities. All this, in addition, to its waterproof nature make it perfect for protective use within hospitals, care homes, dentist surgeries and doctor’s surgeries, just to name a few.

The reusable hospital gown can be washed at 60 degrees and reused more than 40 times therefore providing not only a cost-effective alternative to disposable hospital gowns but also a more eco-friendly and sustainable alternative.

In relation to care advice, we would recommend ironing at 150 degrees as this helps to provide longevity to the coating, as well as washing it at 60 degrees between uses. 

Our Reusable Fluid Resistant Gowns are the perfect option for washable and sustainable PPE. We also sell Disposable Surgical Gowns in packs of seven, if you are required to wear disposable medical gowns. 

To check out our full range of PPE simply visit https://www.uniforms4healthcare.com/ppe or alternatively get in touch with us at info@dencowear.co.uk with any questions you may have.

Blog by Becky Jackson for Uniforms4Healthcare (Part of Dencowear Ltd.)

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