Launching Our Range of PPE for Covid 19

To help with the growing demand for PPE products in the UK and Europe, we have sourced a wide variety of personal protective equipment including face masks, face shields, medical gowns, disposable aprons, powder-free gloves, goggles, hand sanitiser, alcohol gel and protective roller screens. These infection-control essential items are being supplied to NHS trusts and hospitals, care homes, dentist surgeries, doctor’s surgeries, pharmacies and many more services across the UK.

Along with the higher-grade protective equipment for frontline workers suc as KN95 and FFP2 masks, we also have a range of PPE that is ideal for keyworkers who are continuing to work during isolation such as those in manufacturing and distributing essential goods. These include IIR masks, gloves and aprons.

As the pandemic lockdown is lifted slowly, more and more will return to work and will need their own PPE such as face masks, gloves and aprons. Each company can decide which level of protection they need from cheapest face masks and most ‘stylish’ offerings right through to those offering the most filtration.

Browse Some of Our Coronavirus PPE Products

(Packaging and Brands May Vary)

Reserve or Buy Your PPE Now

Useful PPE items such as FFP2 masks, FFP3 Masks, 3-ply Surgical Masks (IIR), N95 and KN95 Masks, Sterile and Non-Sterile Gowns, Aprons, Hand Sanitiser, Powder-free Nitrile Gloves, Powder-free Vinyl Gloves and much more are available now to reserve and/or order now.

Send an email to with your PPE requests.

Browse our Covid 19 section online

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