Government Declares Scrubs and PPE VAT Exempt

No VAT to Pay on Scrubs and PPE

From today (1st May 2020) until 31st July 2020 (revised: 31st October 2020*), scrubs and PPE have now been declared VAT-exempt items. This means that you can buy any of our quality scrubs and PPE for just the listed price, making it more affordable for all.

Items which are now VAT exempt include medical and high-grade face masks such as KN95 (FFP2) Face Masks and FFP3 Face Masks, which are recommended for hospital use. Also, on the new VAT exemption list are Type IIR Surgical Masks that are for use in close-contact, indoor, repeated scenarios. This means keyworkers that cannot always adhere to social-distancing such as by care home staff and dentists need to wear them at all times. The Type IIR Medical Masks are also recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for use by the elderly and vulnerable when out and about, especially on public transport.

Disposable Powder-free Nitrile Gloves have always been important to medical professions but now these items have become free of VAT in the governments 1st May update. These important personal protective equipment are suitable for everyone, particularly the NHS.

Other VAT-exempt PPE includes washable hospital gowns, disposable surgical gowns and disposable aprons. These coveralls are essential for front-line staff in hospitals, care homes, dentists, care providers such as nursery practitioners and other professionals in close contact with others.

A popular item with no VAT applied are protective roller screens and other protective screens. These screens are being used as one of many tools in protecting keyworkers who are working at desks, or food and drink counters and who are dealing with customers, patients or fellow staff daily.

And, of course, scrub tunics and scrub trousers are now VAT-free. These recommended uniform garments are being used by medical and business professionals far more widely than ever before, with NHS surgeries, private surgeries, care homes and even schools purchasing them. Ideal for putting on when you enter work and leaving behind when you go home, scrubs can be washed at 60 degrees to comply with normal infection-control preventative measures.

PPE products which will continue to have VAT applied, include hand sanitising products, hand sanitiser stations, face shields, face coverings and disinfectant wipes. Healthcare tunics, healthcare dresses, healthcare trousers, and other healthcare uniform garments will also continue to be VAT applied items.

*Revised: On 3rd July 2020, the UK government extended their VAT exemption on medical PPE to 31st October 2020. After that, medical-use PPE will return to being sold with VAT applied.

Blog by Michelle Hatfield for Uniforms4Healthcare (Part of Dencowear Ltd.)

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