Salonwear Celebrates 20 Years Next Month

Salonwear is 20 years old

So, in a month’s time, our Salonwear brand will be 20 years old! We can’t quite believe it! The time has flown and we’re so proud to have made attractive and practical uniforms for almost 20 years.

May 2020 will see the anniversary of the launch of Salonwear Direct. Under the Dencowear brand, we’ve been selling uniforms to the healthcare sector since 1966 and as the years went on, we found more and more hair and beauty professionals wanting to wear our uniforms. When one of our resellers decided that we should sell direct to the customer instead, Salonwear was born. And, the rest, is 20 years in the making.

Looking Back…

Like the beauty industry, it’s fair to say that Salonwear has come along way in almost 20 years. Just look at one of the first ever brochures for the 2002-2003 season. That’s a lot of clinical-looking white!

Hopefully, we will be in business another 20 years to compare how things have changed and what stays the same.

Looking Ahead…

2020 sees new items added to the range and some old removed. The discontinued Dazzle Tunic, Edit Tunic and Lipstick Dress have made way for our new Chic Tunic, One Tunic, Charisma Tunic and Divine Tunic.

Download the Brochure

Looking Right Now…Our Bestsellers, Year on Year

Each year, we see timeless tunic styles such as the Belle, Allure, Blossom, Charm, Tranquility and Ribbon remain popular with our customers.

We’re so grateful to our customers for the continued support especially during these strange times. With three more weeks of isolation it is looking more and more likely that our 20 years Salonwear party might be a digital one so let us know if you have any great online party ideas! 

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