UK Manufacturing of Scrubs During Coronavirus

Sandringham and Mawson Unisex Scrubs by Uniforms4Healthcare

As Covid-19 began, we quickly found all our stocks of scrubs depleting in rapid fashion. Our suppliers were also inundated with NHS orders and it appeared that stocks of scrub suits were low and in demand. Having had our Sandringham Scrubs in the pipeline for over a year, we quickly listed our full range of stock of them online but they also practically sold out in no time at all.

Sold Out in No Time: Our Howser Scrubs
Limited Stock Left: Our Aria Scrubs
Launched Early: Our Sandringham Scrubs

So, the decision was made. We would completely change the priority of our Leeds-based clothing factory to produce only scrubs and we would buy all the polycotton we could get hold of and set up contracts with other UK factories we partner with. All of this, in the hope, that we could at least do our small bit to assist in the growing shortage of scrub suits and the immediate need to help our frontline workers.

We were more than happy to help and, we’re not the only company or individuals getting behind our NHS heroes. In fact, our Managing Director, Ilan Sherman, had this to say, “I’m super proud to have our Leeds factory making scrubs for the NHS and other health professionals. It’s all go but we’re happy to do our bit. It’s nice to be reminded of the good old days when my Grandpa was making all our healthcare uniforms in Leeds. Although I wish it was in different circumstances, it is nice to see our UK manufacturing provision so active and to be able to play a part, however small it may be.”

Cutting Polycotton on Mass Begins
Non-stop Sewing of Scrubs
Dispatching Scrubs, Scrubs and More Scrubs

With our large range of scrubs sold out, we quickly designed, coordinated, prototyped and launched a new set of scrubs, the Mawson Scrubs. We agreed to make them in the 12 fabric colours we could get hold of and believed would be required and in sizes XS – 3XL. We knew we would be very busy with this offering but we were determined to offer high-quality scrub suits without too much cost or delay.

We are glad we did because the demand, support and gratitude has been overwhelming.

Mawson Scrub Suits: UK Scrubs Available from

Here’s to our frontline workers. They do such an incredible job and we are so grateful. We hope that we can continue to support you as long as you need us to.

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